Don't Let Your Dreams Fall Asleep

by Luna Amară

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Recorded at Glas Transilvan with Oliver Vegh between June & November 2008.


released May 8, 2009

Nick Făgădar - vocals, acoustic guitars
Mihnea Blidariu - vocals, trumpet, guitars
Sorin Moraru - bass
Răzvan Ristea - drums
Vali Deac - guitars

Music by Luna Amară, words by Nick & Mihnea.
Mixed by Oliver Vegh & Luna Amară.
Mastering by Oliver Vegh.
Produced by Luna Amară & Sunete.
Artwork & layout by Florin Chereji.



all rights reserved


Luna Amară Cluj Napoca, Romania

Since their beginning in 2000, Luna Amară established their trademark sound - a fusion between trumpet solos, heavy guitar riffs and progressive elements. They are one of the most successful Romanian rock bands, striving to be a constant reminder of the social and political issues present in their country's everyday society. ... more

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Track Name: Into Another
Into another I will drown
Safely hidden from your frown
Fill the holes in me
With comfortable lies
Just let go of me, let go of me inside

Blending colors of your grief
Staining years with disbelief
Haven't found a path so I just run
Into another wait to drown.
Leaving has closed down all our doors
Such strangers left with nothing to hope for

Drown into you, my love
Like I always do
Drown into you
It's all I'm good for to.
All excuses got me nothing
All abuses got me down.
Track Name: Transitions
Hold on to me through all transitions and premonitions
of how this will end
leaving each other no reasons to bother
learn or pretend love me
never the world will sever
so hold on to me no one's here...

Are we the same
to feel like one till everything's gone
for all that I am
feels bitter and hollow
when you don't follow
this pale light of green
and ocean tide
and nothing to hide
so hold on

Why lie when I chose to be open a mind true and spoken?
Why hide now you're here and the shapes are clear?
Why die before your time?
this time is mine alone, alone...
Time chases dreams while we're demanding some understanding

from someone above
and are you there
do you even care or are we alone
through all transitions
and bitter ambitions
Do you smile at the end?
Track Name: Chihlimbar
Când tot ce-auzi e tot ce crezi rămâne doar să mai şi vezi când tac
Cuvinte moi să le îndoi cu limba arsă de nesomn când zac
Palete stinse dinspre roţi să tot găsim în linii morţi când fac
Cărbune proaspăt palma ta nimic din mine-n lumea ta.

Argint nu mint în chihlimbar e marea neagră plânsă-n val
Lumina asta cade strâmb pământ ne cheamă sub pământ
Nisip defel şi fără rost culeg.

Găseşte-mi loc să nu mă pierzi şi calcă strâns pereţii verzi din noi
Ferestre albe să descui cu pleoape mate prinse-n cui mă-ndoi
Nu am nimic să ţin în gând sunt sticlă arsă din pământ în ploi.
Track Name: Unghii de drac
Caut o culoare să mă facă s-adorm
suspendat în gri ca şi cum n-aş fi
căutând un om
fără să ştii fără să vii
dincolo de vorbe am uitat să mai iert
tot ce suntem noi rătăciţi şi goi
am uitat să mai cred
tăcerea în doi lumina din voi
orele se-neacă-ntre două aşteptări
totul e acum totul e un drum
fără urmări
nu-ţi pasă oricum nu te face mai bun

Şi-mi pare stinsă lumea ta
şi-n ea se stinge şi a mea
mirarea simplă de-a'ntreba de-a căuta.

Fiecare piatră aruncată spre cer
nu se-ntoarce-n ploi cade mut în noi
fără dureri
cu oasele moi te întorci în noroi
unghia de drac să o stingi în nisip
când te joci în gând când te minţi râzând
cu moartea pe chip
sânge-n cuvânt
un fir de praf în vânt.

Lumea se întâmplă şi n-ai de ales
e oare a ta s-o visezi?
e oare a ta să o crezi_
şi ce-ai înţeles?
eşti al tău să te pierzi?
eşti al tău să te ierţi?
Track Name: True Sunshine
Feed me something that will heal
Feed me something true
Trust to chase away all fears
Change the things I do
Strip the grievance, true sunshine
Keep it to yourself
Lose the anger, give me time
time to help myself

And if I want you to feel
The rest of me
Should make you see and believe
That we are above our fears
still need to clear one's living lie
A mother's cry
Track Name: Deadends
Our job is to believe
To shut our mouths and then receive
An empty home
Our life means compromise
Always smart but never wise
Together alone
We are here and you are there
Always talk but never care
Got used to that?
And if we scream our scream will be
Another strange philosophy
Of a spoiled young brat

Is it to the moon
Or is it to the sun
Is it down to earth
Or is it high above
Is it to the love
This song is being sent by our trouble mind and tired hearts?

"fuck the system, everyone!"
"start a riot!", "be someone!" -
such pathetic words.
I think you better get a job
Instigate the blinded mob
To buy the world
And if you think you understand
I'm sorry but you're wrong my friend
It's silence in here
And in the end all that we are
Is corpses driving in the cars
Can you smell the fear?

Love is overrated now
We must find a way somehow
To hurt
And be hurt
But if you listen you can't sing
And my voice is just a thing
Becoming dirt.
Track Name: No Return
There is this...
I don't know, there is something in the air
There is dust on our hands, there is dirt in our hair
And we're cold...
So cold.

We don't ask ourselves if it's right or wrong
We just play along
We only wish we were strong
But we're old...
So old.

A way to find you out of here.

What was that?
I don't know, I guess
Somebody killed a dream, somebody found the mess
In their head...
Their head
Smashed your head against the wall
Lost control
You're no machine after all
You are dead...
So dead.

All the words, all the words are grey
Just like solitary birds
In the night
And we can't, can't take everything back
We can't turn all this black into white.

There is blood on the news, there is blood on your dreams
There is something so sad about your fucked up esteem
And we cry...
Oh, cry
From the newborn, today, to the dead in the grave
The remote sets you free but you're still just a slave
Oh, why?...
Track Name: Kill the Dancer
It's pretty hard to wait again
the phone won't ring the bruises heal
inside my room and I'm alone again.
She's gone some place else
and I'll just wait together with my friends
time speeds up we've gone downtown
but downtown's much too crowded
the voices face and yes, I will.

Close my eyes and dream of you kill the dancer that's killing you.

Brand new city, brand new toys
she fills her mind with velvet boys
has she gone to bed
or maybe not yet
but I'm waiting here alone
with my voice.
Track Name: Hunt the Wire
What's in these eyes?
What's in this mind?
Is there anyone who'd like to find out?
So fast and deep
So free and blind
Ignorance cuts the wrist of your doubt.

And all your dreams
Are TV themes
And your big love is a stunt
The human kind is just an animal
On a hunt.

The sickness sells
The sadness sells
Pick up your favourite death from the store
You're just the mouse in your right hand
Give it away and wish for some more.

Cause all your hopes
Are your night dopes
The end is here every day
The human kind is so on the run
So run away.
Track Name: Floodmoses
So glad to know
How everything's found its way with the flow
So thrilled to see
How every you is not every me
Can I demand
A gentle recess from the years that we've spent
Are we in doubt
And if so let me know where do we go.

How do things grow
Distance and lies and such black holes
Can you deny silence is guilt
But have you tried
Not to let go
Of all the true things that we know
Such shame to leave
And if so just let me know
Have you found a home?

So this is how you chose to let us know
Of how the water always finds its way to flow
Down through every goddamn heartless stone
But we're right here...
Chose to never leave
One more floodmoses
To believe in.
Track Name: Little Sun
I would like to say to you "you're the one"
and you know that is true... little sun.

I love you, I love you...

To the silence in your soul I adore
To the sea within your eyes and its shore.

To the riots in your hair
To the bravery in your hands
To your smile that's always there
To your love that never ends.